Get to Know Whole Plant Extract

    One of the most exciting ingredients in health and wellness but often caught up in its own stigma and misinformation. It’s time to get your facts straight on whole plant extract.

    Whole Plant Extract FAQ

    Whole Plant Extract

    What are the effects of whole plant extract?

    Whole plant extract is to promote balance and overall wellness by helping to naturally regulate the communication between the cells of your body.*

    What type of whole plant extract is used in Healist products?

    Across Healist products, we’ve chosen to use the highest quality whole plant extract. Whole plant extract contains high levels of therapeutic compounds like terpenes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that work in synergy with each other to power your body, as nature intended. This is known as the desired “entourage effect.”

    How do I use whole plant extract oil?

    What’s the right dose for me?

    It’s completely personal. When you first start taking whole plant extract we recommend starting low and building your dose up until you start to feel the desired results. It can affect people differently, with different body masses requiring different levels to experience effects.

    There is no standard daily recommended intake (RDI) but see the guide below as a point of reference.*

    Keep track using a daily journal so you can reflect on the benefits over time and adjust your dosage accordingly. It’s your body and you know it best.

    Condition Range Weight
    61-100lbs 100-175lbs 175-250lbs +
    Mild 4mg-6mg+ 6mg-8mg+ 8mg-10mg+
    Medium 10mg-15mg+ 15mg-25mg+ 20mg-40mg+
    Strong 25mg-40mg+ 30mg-60mg+ 40mg-60mg+
    What is the right format for me?

    Our whole plant extract + benefits led range comes in a variety of formats to cater to different usage and lifestyle needs, from tinctures and chews to transdermal patches and topical lotions.

    Are there any side effects?

    Whole plant extract is generally well tolerated and proven to have few side effects. Across every Healist blend, we take the utmost care to not only ensure the purity of our extract but also to specially select our supporting natural active ingredients for their efficacy and safety. 

    As with any other supplement, there is always a chance it could cause adverse reactions for some people or could interact with certain medications so please consult with your physician before use.

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    Glossary of Terms (Hemp Extract Cheat Sheet)
    Bioavailability - The degree of which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream.

    CO2 Extraction - Method of extraction that separates the oil at room temperature, allowing for a minimal process to preserve natural compounds.

    Entourage Effect - This is described as the effect that the combination of natural compounds, terpenes and flavonoids have on one another - creating more synergistic benefits collectively rather than individually.

    Homeostasis - A state of optimal balance and equilibrium within the body.

    Terpenes - ​​​​​​​Terpenes are naturally found in plants and are the primary functional ingredient in essential oils. They give plants their aromatic and flavor properties and are known to offer unique therapeutic benefits on their own. They are believed to enhance the overall wellness benefits (i.e. Entourage Effect). Terpenes are thought to work by acting directly on the brain or skin to moderate activity.